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About Us 

Motto : Provides Information Technology to Build Trust and Security

Company Overview

  • World Business Network LLC, (WBN) is an IT company, established in 2004 at Dubai, United Arab Emirates offers the best-of-class IT services, products, and solutions to small and medium businesses.
  • Nowadays, companies rely and depend on IT for its functional capability to do tasks in a faster way and to make communication easier and accessible. We see IT industry plays a wider role in business and in fact, it is changing the way business is done. But while companies have this deep urge to be benefitted from IT advantages, they are still reluctant whether they are secured with IT infrastructure and information systems. Their willingness to depend on IT is still a big question with the presence of IT threats. And because IT keeps expanding while companies are also focused on running their businesses, finding and keeping up on the right technology or solution that suits a business is unsettling. With all of these, to what extent would companies trust IT to move their businesses?
  • It is then our goal to help and support business growth by incorporating information technology to your business and bring trust and security in this industry.
  • With our high-end IT products and services, we can make your business become more competitive to maintain or improve your profitability.
  • With our effective and reliable solutions in the fields of IT, we can help you prepared to face the ongoing challenges and opportunities in Information Technology.
  • IT is an essential element in achieving business success in this era. And no matter how fast it moves your business should be able to keep up. Even if there is a rapid deployment of new technologies your business should be capable to adjust. And your business should have a partner who can be trusted and where you can be secured in the fast-changing and growing industry of IT.
  • That is why we are here.

WBN Mission Statement:

At WBN, our mission is to help small and medium businesses get Trust and Security by providing them with proven and latest best-of-class information technology products, services, and solutions

WBN Vision Statement:

At WBN, we have a deep-seated ambition to be recognized and respected as the leading source of trust and security in the latest and proven IT trends.

WBN Value Statement:

WBN is guided by plausible values and principles that mold the integrity of our company.

  • We value TRUST. We trust the skills of our people, the aspirations of our clients, and the capabilities of IT.
  • We provide SECURITY. We give work security, business security and IT security.
  • We work with TRANSPARENCY. We lie to nobody and we hide nothing. We give what we have, we do what we can, and we show what we discover.
  • We pledge for LONG TERM and STRONG RELATIONS with clients. We respond to client's needs and satisfaction by giving quality performance and by providing trusted and secured IT trends.
  • We take responsibility for accurate DELIVERY. We honor our commitments to our clients and we believe that time is the essence of business. We act in a timely manner.
  • We act with COMPETENCE. We make sure that our company delivers its business in a competent capable manner. Our qualifications will surely benefit not just our company but also our clients and the IT industry.

WBN Main Business:

At WBN, we are committed in delivering high-quality IT services, products and solutions to consumers and businesses.

With a professional touch and knowledge from a group of qualified people in the field of information technology, we give the best and newest trends in web design and development, graphic design, online advertising, and IT maintenance and support.

We have mastery in trusted IT products of the century and make them available for your business needs may it be hardware, software or the latest web technology.

We provide IT solutions to every industry to help them meet their business objectives and security. We don't just suggest, we also carry out the solutions, put them into use, and manage these solutions on behalf of the company.

We are continuously striving to deliver the best service in the industry, thus, to make communications more accessible and to let companies coordinate activities and information in widely dispersed geographic locations, we expanded our business to Publishing services.