Ever wonder why thousands of companies spend thousands of dollars a year to display a certain 'logo' known as privacy seal, on their web sites? Is the logo worth a penny?

The answer is a big 'yes'. It's actually worth investing for. Because that small visual posted on your web pages can actually generate satisfactory ROI in your business.

Reality check; doing business nowadays isn’t complete without the use of World Wide Web. But the web, just like any other place in the world, is also a niche where crimes, frauds, cheating, and any other activity that can destabilize your business, happens. And no one would ever want to be in a risky and dangerous place, wouldn’t it? No online consumer would want to just give out personal and sensitive information for they have the fear that this information may be stolen, corrupted, and misused. They’re looking for safety, they want warranty.

So, you’re probably thinking now whether these privacy seals can really deliver the assurance that every customer needs.

Here are the facts; half of the most visited web sites on the web are paying seals providers up to $13,000 a year, and in return, they get more customers. Upon displaying a web privacy seal logo, web sites with very low visitors sized up; online B2B became more effective; and personal transactions became more comfortable to users. This seal definitely expands your market. Eventually, increase of customers means rise of profit. Profit is the tangible result of trust. And that trust is what consumers get from this seal.

All you’ve got to do is to get certified by seal providers. TRUSTe’s green image and BBBonline’s padlock are the common web privacy seals displayed on every trusted web site in western internet community. eTrustme in Dubai is the sole and first provider of such seal in Middle East.

Getting certified is never a tough work. First and foremost, you must present us your current data-handling-and-collecting processes with the participation of your internal staff to ensure that every detail is gathered accurately. Your internal business process will be evaluated according to eTrustme’s seal standards.  Then, a Privacy Policy that conforms to the seal standards must be written and posted on your site. Finally, your web site should have opt-out mechanisms that enable users to control the processing of their personal information – whether they want their personal and sensitive information be transferred / shared / given out OR not, as well as a way for users to access their PII.

How much do you need to invest on a web seal? Just like any seal provider, eTrustme charges clients on annual basis.  During that span of time, eTrustme will work hand in hand with your company to ensure that your web site is consistently following the required standards for keeping web seal status.

Gaining profitable returns is always the best part in any investment. If your average internet transactions nets you AED 36.50 in profit, your privacy seal should work as many as 125 times more sales to cover the investment. But if you’ve got higher, then a few extra sales per month is enough to pay for the fee.

think and get your seal first,
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