Our Core Values


  • We practice Corporate Transparency. We remove all barriers that can hinder in achieving important information. We facilitate free and easy public access to corporate information, personal information, rules, laws and the processes that protect the individuals or corporations who freely join, develop and enhance the process.
  • We exercise Radical Transparency. We publicly show and publicly archive the entire decision making that we undertake such as draft documents, arguments for and against a proposal, the decisions about the decision making process itself, and all final decisions.
  • We observe Media Transparency. We show our methods and reasons of conveying information to let our clients know everything that happens in our company and to other things that matters to them. We entertain questions, protest, and suggestions from our clients or from the public with regards to Freedom of Information and democracy.


  • We recognized friendship as one of the central human experiences. We help our clients to run their business successfully. We know how to do it! And we do it with pleasure. Most of our clients become our friends. This is our way, and we believe it's correct! It is sin and shame to harm, cheat or lie, to a friend - your friend trusts you. In WBN we build trustful relations with our clients! We love to help them and make them succeed.
  • It's important to have good friends, we choose our friends. And we wish you to choose the same!


  • We do believe that the concept of loyalty is an important part of ethics. We are loyal to all our customers in all aspects of our cooperation. We deserve the same.


  • We speak the truth and create trust in mind of others whether by words or by action. We do not deceive our clients as well as the people in our company. Our statements and intentions are strictly true and honest and do not mislead our audience.


  • At WBN, we act consistently in delivering our services. We provide reliable methods and measures in helping business growth. We give profitable expectations and outcome. Our values and principles are firm.
    Our cultural value consists of an assumption from which we can anticipate implementation or other values. Our value system comprises a set of consistent ethical values and measures.