Privacy Policy 

WBN's dedication to user's privacy

World Business Network LLC is dedicated to protecting the privacy of users of this website therefore we present this Privacy Policy showing the data-handling and collection practices of WBN.

WBN Careers site will collect certain information anytime you interact with WBN. We ask important information when you wish to register and when you choose to join the forum. And we gather detailed and useful facts when you submit your job application online.

You can be assured that the information we ask will not be available to the public, will not be sold, will be strictly confidential, and will not be given to any third party.

We highly advised reading this notice before using and submitting any information to this site.

Information WBN career's site collects and how we use them

WBN uses site to provide online application and sign-in services. Upon visiting and using our site, you already exist in our database through the information which we will have to receive voluntarily or involuntarily.

On careers page. should you wish to apply online for the following vacancies, we will ask you to fill up the Online Application form.
The types of personal information we collect are:

  • Your complete name, contact numbers, email address, home address, and education history.
  • Some important data related to work experiences and some important employment information.
  • Uploaded Curriculum Vitae or CV (optional).
  • References. In some cases, you may wish to include references or we may ask you to do so, then you will have to provide their names, contact numbers, email address and position titles.
  • Certification of Agreement. The applicant must read and agree with the Certification Agreement before submitting the application.

An applicant who only wishes to submit a job application is not obliged to register but may do so if he desires to use some pages in the site. The name, mobile number, and email address of the applicant are the most important details which will be sent directly to WBN email and database.

We use the above-mentioned information when reviewing your application, contacting you for the result of your application, and for internal record and profile keeping of WBN and will not be made available to other individuals or other companies.

Registration page. should you wish to join the discussion or any other activities, we will require you to register and fill up a form asking you to provide us the following information:

  • Your complete name, mobile number, and email address.
  • Username and password that you will have to create.
  • Security Code and other information that are needed in filling up your profile page.

We use the above-mentioned information when sending the confirmation link, when fulfilling a specific request that may arise, and when WBN has to implement some reasonable and lawful actions. It is also for internal record and profile keeping of WBN team.

A user, who wants to communicate publicly by using the forum, must understand that any information shared is visible to other people who have access on the forum. There is a possibility that exposing personally identifiable information will be at stake. We are not liable to the personal information submitted in this forum and displayed publicly.

On Visitor Counter. you will notice that your IP address and the duration of your log-in are shown but we do not use them unlawfully. Other data on this box are non-identifying and aggregate information for the purpose of web design and to attain general information which can help us improve our site and never to disclose any information about the user nor to identify the user.

Cookies / Tracking Technology. We may gather information about your computer software and hardware such as your IP address, accessed time and date, and browser types. We may need this for technical operations and security reasons; to study traffic patterns on our website; and to determine the length of time a user spends.They also help us maintain the quality of our service.

We also use cookies for the aim to uniquely identify you and never to harm your computer. It helps you easily access you account the next time you visit it.

Legal Declaration. We may be required by law to expose information with governmental agencies or other concern individuals or groups. This will take place when a web policy violations occur or when anybody attempts to break WBN’s Terms and Conditions. Divulging information will be a must to implement just investigation.

WBN respects the user's right to choose and right to access information.

Every user is provided several choices regarding necessary or practical actions that they may want to perform.

  • If you need to correct, update, and remove information from your account, you can just log-in and edit the details on your profile page.
  • If you want to deactivate your account, you can send an email stating your request and the webmaster will remove your account from the database.
  • If you need to change some information on the online application web form, send us an email or call our telephone number.
  • If you need to cancel your job application in which event we will stop reviewing your CV and take no further action, you can send us an email or call us on our telephone number. In spite of that, your CV will still be stored in our database but not be accessible by anyone through the internet and your CV will not be used in any other purposes.(Contact information is provided below.)

WBN's commitment to Data Security

We can assure you that all of your personally identifiable information is kept secured and that no other party can view nor can access them except the authorized people in WBN team. Your resume along with other personal information is for WBN use only and will not be subjected to selling, distribution, and any other unrelated purposes.

Users can also contribute in protecting personal information by keeping their passwords to yourself and by changing your passwords from time to time.

WBN's disapproval to Spam

WBN boosts to fight internet fraud. 
We surely collect information for the purposes stated above and not for the purpose of spamming.
We have stated above the ways on how we use the information we receive therefore, you are assured that spam such as email-spam, messaging spam, mobile phone scam, and others of the same nature are not practiced at WBN.

We send emails to individuals who need to be informed about the result of their application; who need answers to their inquiries and requests; who need confirmation links; and other persons who are connected to the services of this site.

We also don't entertain spam. We employed CAPTCHA on the registration page to prevent automated software in damaging the quality of this service.

WBN's pledge to Children’s Privacy

WBN careers site targets individuals who are 18 years old and above. We are committed in protecting the privacy of young individuals, thus, we do not wish to collect information from people who do not pass the age requirement. Since we collect information electronically, there is no complete assurance that users are complying with this age requirement but in case we find out, we will remove the information and account immediately.

WBN's enforcement and changes of and to this Privacy Policy

We strictly implement this statement of privacy which carries the principles of The Fair Information Practices. Should you have concerns or inquiries that you may wish to address regarding this statement, you can reach us through the contacts that are provided below.

If we need to make significant changes whether major change or minor change to any of our data-handling and collecting practices, we will display it publicly 30 days before they take effect.

We advised every user to read and review this Privacy Policy occasionally to be updated and be informed on how we manage personally identifiable information.